♥Payment is Paypal only

♡Nothing illegal, mecha, harcdore porn or animals (furries are ok);

♥Nudity and mild violence are ok;

♡These prices are for PERSONAL use only, for commercial uses, please contact me.

♥You are free to post them anywhere as long as you credit me. Credit my website ( if posting elsewhere. (This only applies for personal commissions)

♡All commission prices are for fully colored pieces, if you want a lineart or a sketch, contact me and we'll discuss the price.

♥For character design commissions, you must include as much details as possible in your request. Moodboards are a plus.

♡I may charge from 20% to 50% more of the base price if the character is too complex or has too many details. Don't worry, I'll tell you beforehand

♥You can always check my Trello to see how progress is being made, but I will keep you updated with the process anyway. 

 ♡I always send sketches and then linearts for approval so it might the commission might take a bit longer depending on how fast or slow our communication is.



Won't Draw


Please fill this form when contacting me, as it will help out a lot for me organizing my stuff.

Name/Username: So I know what to call you on my Trello

Comm type: So I know what you're asking. Add-ons also go here

What you want drawn: A character? A person? Is there a pose in mind? Color palette? All of these go here

Refs: I only work with reference, otherwise it will count as a character design.

Character/person personality: So I don't draw a perma-sad character as super happy by accident

Any other info I should know: Put any other thing you find relevant here