The World


There are multiple worlds in this universe. In one of these worlds, there are witches, mermaids and forest spirits. In other, there's no life. Another is just like our own world we live in. There's no limit to how much or how little a world has. But there's a particular world we should talk about. Unda.
In this world, there are creatures known as angeli (plural) or angelus (singular). They are winged beings that are similar to humans but have their own characteristics.

They are creatures that are just like humans, except with wings and a lot of other particularities. Most people call them angeli. They are born of humans, seemingly at random, and make about 0.01% of the world population.

Main Attributes
The main visual features that distinguish angeli from humans are the presence of wings and the color of their hair, which is always white.
They cannot speak, write, or use any kind of complex sign language, however, they do understand both writing and speech and can communicate using yes or no answers or by picking something when presented with multiple choices.
Their reproductive systems never fully develops, making them completely sterile.

Angeli are born looking exactly like humans. Their hair will start growing white a few weeks after birth and around 10 to 15 months after that, there will be no traces of its original color.
Their wings start developing under their skin at around 3 to 5 years of age and come out once they’re almost fully developed. This process is called alanatus. It’s very painful and the whole thing can last up to a month. Trying to cut a hole for the wings before the alanatus is done will usually result in malformed wings, which can cause pain and discomfort that can range from minimal to severe for the rest of the angelus' life. The most common way of dealing with the end stage of alanatus is to just wait until the skin rips and then take care of the wounds left behind. Sometimes, the process might take too long and cause the child to suffer unnecessarily, in these cases, alanatus might be finished through surgery.
In the old days, sometimes angeli died during this process due to either infection of blood loss, but nowadays it’s extremely rare.


Morifere is a part of an angelus' life where their feathers will start falling and they’ll start slowly dying. They’ll usually just die when the last feather falls, but sometimes the deteriorating state of their bodies may take them before that happens. The age when it starts usually depends on what kind of wings they have, but it isn’t a strict rule.
An angelus' average lifespan is around 35 years. The oldest one ever reported to die naturally did so at 45 and the youngest at 13. The process of morifere is divided in 3 stages.


Stage 1
Right after the first feather falls, it’s common for the angelus to feel a lot of body pain, and feel extremely tired. This should go away after a day or two.
The rest of the first stage is relatively calm. Nausea, dizziness, excessive sleepiness, mild headaches and cramps are the most common symptoms.


Stage 2
Right after the first feather falls, it’s common for the angelus to feel a lot of pain in the body, and feel extremely tired. This should go away after a day or two.
The rest of the first stage is relatively calm. Nausea, dizziness, excessive sleepiness, mild headaches and cramps are the most common symptoms.


Stage 3
At this time, all the symptoms from stage 2 will start aggravating, and hospitalization is not uncommon. While it does delay the speed in which the feathers will fall, some treatments may reduce pain and stress on the body. Partial or total organ failure may happen at this stage, angeli may also slip into a comatose state.
Some angeli opt to stay at home and not get admitted to a hospital, which usually, results in the angelus dying from morifere complications. That, however, is illegal in some places, and trying to do so could get anyone involved in a lot of trouble.
It’s a heavily debated topic whether the death should come naturally or if angeli (or their family, if they’re in a coma) should be able to opt for euthanasia in this stage. Some places allow it and others do not.


Angeli's wings are located under the scapula, have the anatomy similar to a bird’s and are fully mobile. They can’t be used for flying.
Wings are very sensitive to the touch, any rough handling can lead to severe pain and even injury. Trying to pluck a feather will cause the angelus extreme pain which may induce things like fainting or vomiting in extreme cases. Because there’s no way to verify it, it’s unknown whether the plucking of feathers influences in the length of the morifere or not.
Ripping out a wing will cause immense pain, loss of consciousness and in some rare cases, immediate death. It will also cause said angelus to die in less than a year after that. Taking out both wings will always result in immediate death.
Angeli can have three different types of wings. By looking at their shape and classifying them, it’s possible to loosely guess at what age their morifere will start and how long will it last.


Type A
Short and small, this type of wing can be a little difficult to fold, but has a lot of rotation mobility.
Angeli with this type of wings have the average lifespan of about 25 years and their morifere can last up to two years.


Type B
Medium sized wings with long feathers. Folding and mobility is a middle between type A and C.
Angeli with this type of wings have an average lifespan of about 33 years and their morifere can last up to six months.
They’re the most common type of wings, around 75% of angeli have these.


Type C
Very long wings with short feathers. Mobility is poor but can fold very easily.
Angeli with this type of wings have an average lifespan of about 40 years and their morifere can last up to a month.


It’s known that angeli can understand speech and read, sometimes even in languages they haven’t grown up in. It’s also known that, although they can’t speak, write or use complex sign language, they can communicate by saying yes or no with gestures, answering multiple choice questions by marking and pointing and using rudimentary gestures.
However, it wasn’t always like this. In the old days, it’s unknown whether angeli could understand speech or not, since they did not have the ability to perform any sort of communication. They started gradually gaining the abilities they have today throughout the course of history, like some sort of evolution.
There are multiple cases of angeli being able to parrot single words and names, and they have been growing in the last 20 years. There are also reports of at least one angelus being able to repeat a whole phrase. Perhaps that means that someday in the far future, they’ll be able to talk and write normally.


Angeli x Society
Because there are so many unique aspects to them, angeli interact with society in a different way from humans.


Angeli and human religion have been linked since the start of known human history. Because there are so many aspects about them that are not understood, most religions try to explain these things in their mythology.
There are a bunch of different religions, mythologies and legends. Some are just variations of one another, some are completely different.


Study and Work
It's usually common for angeli to only study up to high-school. There are some who do get a higher education, but the number is very low. As for work, about 60% have some kind of job relating to a certain religion, around 10% don't work at all and the rest (something around 30%) stick to jobs that require little to no verbal communication or, if they are particularly talented, they can turn to the entertainment business or sports.


While, in general, angeli don't have significantly lower crime rates than humans, it's extremely rare to see one involved in a violent crime, but it's not unheard of. Even so, they tend to get more lenient sentences.
Angeli are five times more likely to fall victim to kidnapping, either by some cult members or other reasons.


There are countless religions, some of them are centered around angeli, others are not. Here are some of the ones with most followers.



They believe that life is cyclical, which means all beings reincarnate indefinitely. There also isn’t exactly a god, just energy being guided in an eternal cycle.Unlike other religions that consider them sacred beings, Cruciamentism believers say that they are reincarnated souls of people that have done bad things in past lives and must be purified in order to save their souls so they can be human again on in the next life.

Practices and Beliefs
Their way of purifying souls is by torture, that is usually applied to angeli. They will go through it sometimes as young as 3 years old until they start their morifere. Some cults will only take angeli that are willing and can are over 16, but others will go as far as kidnapping them. Because of this, this religion has quite a bad reputation and is outlawed in some places.
Torture methods used by them include nail ripping, feet burning, lashings, beatings, and food deprivation. There are some rules for applying the tortures, there are:
>No causing lasting damage or killing;
>No scarring above the neck;
>No harming angeli wings;

Rectoism / Rectam

According to Rectoism, all life is cyclical, which means all beings reincarnate indefinitely.
They believe that the universe guides its life and energy by itself, there isn’t exactly a god, just energy being guided in an eternal cycle.
However, some souls have trouble going back into the cycle, either due to a traumatic death or attachment to life, so that’s where angelus' souls come in, to help these souls to move on. Angeli are the only kind of spirit that always comes to life as the same species.
It’s believed that the angelus souls are born when a regular soul cannot go back into the cycle for some time and there’s no angelus around to help them. In that situation, the soul splits itself in two, the second half becoming an angelus, and in that way, they’re forever connected. It’s believed that angeli can feel that soul and will want to stick with them for as long as possible if they happen to ever find each other in life.
They also say that, in exchange for their ability to communicate, angeli can read the universe’s energy. They say that if one of them chooses to be by your side and trusts you (as a friend, partner, family or anything else), it’s a huge honor, as it supposedly means your soul is filled with good energy. The opposite is also true if for some reason an angelus doesn’t like a person, they’re likely to be shunned by members of Rectoism.

Practices and Beliefs
Most of their practices involve meditation and being in sync with the universe. They believe it helps clean your soul of bad energies and in turn, bad things will happen to you less often. Another thing that is implemented in their practices is the concept of using crystals and stones to 'store' energy.
In regards to angeli, they believe they should live normal lives, but if one would seek shelter at one of their temples they would gladly give it, because, as mentioned above, they would interpret as that angelus choosing them.

It's believed that the world came from nothing and life came at random. There aren't any gods or things like that, just the energy of the universe.

Practices and Beliefs
They don't believe in reincarnation in a traditional way, it's more along the lines of when you die, you go back to being energy.
As for angeli, they believe that they are incomplete human souls and that's why they live so little and can't reproduce. Because of this, they also believe that their souls can never reach the same maturity as a human, so they must always be sheltered. Having any sort of sexual or romantic relationship with an angeli is strictly forbidden because they are seen as sacred beings.
Their main practice is meditation to sync your own energy with the universe.


God created the whole world but by doing so, his soul split into multiple parts that came to earth. He lost some of His powers after he was done with the Creation, but still remains a powerful being.

Practices and Beliefs
Being considered literal parts of God, angeli are treated as holy an are worshipped. This religion doesn't have many rules regarding how regular people live their lives, most of them are about the treatment of angeli. They are:
>You must never talk to an angelus without asking for permission first;
>You should never harm an angelus in any way;
>You should always try to make the lives of the angeli around you as happy as possible;
>You should always respect all of God's creations (angeli, humans, animals, etc);
>You should thank God for life from time to time, either through a temple or an angelus;
>Killing an angelus will destroy your soul after you die;
>Disobeying the rules harms your soul, obeying them heals it. If your soul is too hurt, it will vanish after you die.
>The 'healthy' souls will go on to live in a paradise, but angeli will continue reincarnating forever.

Matericism / Materim

Gena was the first being in the universe, and that Her existence came to be at the same time everything was created.
She was extremely powerful, but she was lonely. So She made four other beings, all different from one another and gave each of them a part of their power.
They were Bellunius, who took the form of a monkey with a deer head and a huge, furry tail; Lympha, who looked like a mix of seal and fish; Silva, who had an appearance similar to a praying mantis made out of tree bark and Anima, whom they say resembled Gena, who had a human appearance and wings, the most.
They also felt that the world was too that the world was too empty, and so they used their powers to give life to their own creations. Bellunius used his power to create all kinds of land-dwelling animals, Lympha created the seas, rivers, and all life in it, Silva made all plant life and tiny insects, Anima, who gave life to all humans.
None of these life forms possessed any sort of intelligence like they themselves had, after all, they did not have enough power to give that to their own creations.
Anima was frustrated by this for a long time. He believed he was special, after all, he resembled Mother the most, so he wanted his children to be much more intelligent than all of the others' children. Anima then stole one of Gena’s wings and used it to bring his plan to fruition. He spread all of the feathers throughout the world.
He made it so, from time to time, one of those feathers would enter a human shell and make them a bearer of Gena’s owns essence on earth, which gave them hair just like Hers. He hoped that from being around these beings, his children would be able to develop intelligence.
His plan failed. All these new beings had inside them was Gena’s essence and no space for a soul of their own inside them. Because of that, they would die too soon to have their presence influence anything on the Anima's children.
Gena was furious when She found out what transpired, so she absorbed Anima inside her own being again. In an attempt to fix what he had started, She then used Anima’s essence to give these beings wings, so that their souls could remain there and they could live. She also named these beings angelus and declared them to be a gift to humanity, a part of Her own being that She would allow to walk on earth.
In time, Anima’s plan did come to fruition and humans did develop intelligence and free will, unlike all other creatures.

Practices and Beliefs
Followers of Matericism worship mainly Gena, although the other deities do have a place in their temples. They believe angeli to be sacred beings and that, ideally, they should live within the temple dedicating their life to study and prayer and are held in extremely high regard by believers. It’s also believed that the reason angeli can’t speak is that they retain all of Gena’s knowledge.
According to Matericism, the reason angeli die the way they do is due to the pain Gena Herself felt when she had one of Her wings stolen, which tainted the feathers Anima spread.
A curious bit of this religion is that the only ones involved in prayer are the angeli themselves. People believe only they can communicate with Gena, so they pass on their prayers to angeli, which in turn, pass them on to the Goddess.